Tuesday, 9 June 2009

About Game Protocol

I called the game protocol Evolutionary Generic Game Protocol (EGGP). I like the name EGG because egg is my son's favourite food. I just use EGGP as the protocol's name for now. EGGP is heavily relied on XML, so an XML parser and XML editor is necessary to my development environment.

Since EGGP is based on Go Text Protocol (GTP) version 2 draft 2, which is GNU open source, I will release EGGP under GNU later as well.

Rebuilding Server

I have actually finished drafting the game protocol since two weeks ago. However, I was busy on setting up virtual machine and migrating my web server to the virtual machine. I have to do so because my web server is so old (It was build with Intel P3 1n 2001). I'm worry that I have to rebuild the whole system if hardware fails because I don't think it's easy to find an identical hardware now. I tried restoring from backup with various hardware configurations that I have right now, but none of them worked. Eventually I gave up restoring. It is easier to rebuild whole system. Due to the fact that my web server can only run on older Linux distribution (actually on Python2.1), I have to stick with RedHat8.0. This is why I have to host my server on a virtual machine.