Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Introducing UNIWEBGO

UNIWEBGO (uniwebgo.com) is a blogging platform designed for Go enthusiasts. It allows you uploading, editing, managing and replaying games, or more interestingly, sharing them by embedding them into a post. UNIWEBGO has following features:

  1. No software installation required. It only needs a web browser. 
  2. An unique system that makes it easy to navigate within a game. Variations displayed as hyper links. 
  3. An unique mechanism that displays comments intuitively. Comments keep synchronized with actual game progress that is being displayed on the board. 
  4. Group-based access control. Bloggers control which part of contents (text and games included) can be read/viewed, or a published game can be downloaded or only viewed on-line based on granted groups. 
  5. A Game can be embed into third-party web pages or blogs(See example:My previous post http://supportmobilego.blogspot.com/2011/07/test.html). 
  6. Multilingual blogs supported. Bloggers can easily publish their posts in different languages, readers can easily read in their desire language. Localized administrator’s dashboards are also provided. 
  7. There are more. Just try it out and you will be surprised and spoiled.