Thursday, 1 May 2008

Stop Selling Mobile Go on PalmGear/PocketGear

I have stopped selling Mobile Go on PalmGear since March 2008. The reason is that download and sale were decreased significantly since PalmGear was consolidated with PocketGear in November 2007. Motricity (the company that hosts both and even failed to send me either notification of sale or cheque. One of my client told me that he did not receive registration code after he paid In March, I requested them to take my software off their sites, but they did nothing and still listed my software on their site.
I've been revising my blog recently to make it capable to download and purchase Mobile Go. It is complete now.

Mobile Go Basic Edition free now

Mobile Go Basic Edition becomes freeware since V2.5. It can be used without charge forever. Enjoy!

Mobile Go V2.5 Released

Change since V2.4:
  • Support TEACH command.

  • Add Time Elapsed to Game Info screen.

  • Auto close Challenger Queue screen if there is no challenger any more.

  • Add Data (Traffic Count) feature.

  • Disable some commands(DEFS,STATS,MATCH,TELL) that are not available if using a guest account.

  • Fix a bug that causes Automatch check box never shown.